20% Off Gap & Roots Gift Cards for Back To School @ Staples

20% Off Gap & Roots Gift Cards for Back To School @ Staples

If you have yet to finish up your Back to School shopping for the kids, then you may as well hit two birds with one stone! Pick up your school supplies at Staples, and you can also get 20% off Gap & Roots Gift Cards to snag some great deals on back to school clothes.

This offer looks to only apply to the $50 gift cards - which means you will only pay $40. Then I would suggest hanging onto the gift cards until Roots or Gap have a stellar online sale, and splurge then. Just beware that Staples doesn't apply taxes to your Gift Cards. If they do, shoot them a live chat message and get that resolved real quick.

The Gap Options Gift Card can be used at Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy online and in stores. The Roots gift card can be used at Roots stores online and in stores. The gift cards can take 7-10 days for shipping and right now both are in stock - woohoo!

You can get your gift cards shipped to your local Staples store and pick them up when you grab some school supplies, or order two and get free shipping.

This deal never lasts long, so don't snooze!


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