20 Free Points for Logging In @ Pampers

20 Free Points for Logging In @ Pampers

Pampers Rewards Canada has an awesome new promo on right now! Simply login to your account, and you will receive 20 free points just like that. If you don't already collect Pampers Gifts To Grow Rewards points, it is never too late to start. Not to mention other points codes pop up quite frequently.

My toddler has recently become potty trained, so unfortunately I don't get to collect these codes with my diaper purchases anymore. I do, however, still collect these free codes and free offers so I can work up to earning a free gift card or something.

It is not often I see Pampers Canada offer free points without actually entering a code, so this is pretty neat. I hope you get to enjoy the offer! Plus, if you do have any Pampers Rewards Codes to redeem, do so now. Until June 10th, you will receive triple the amount of points on any code you redeem at Pampers Canada.

(Expiry: Soon)

Photo Credit: Meagan


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