180-Piece Back-to-School Label Packs $39.95 Shipped

180-Piece Back-to-School Label Packs $39.95 Shipped

Labels are probably the easiest way to keep your kids' stuff out of the lost and found bin – and these ones are affordable, too! If you're looking for any shape, size or colour of sticker labels, Lovable Labels has you covered with Back to School Packs on sale for $39.95 (down from $44.95)!

These labels are waterproof, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, UV resistant and bleach safe. Essentially, that means you're safe to throw them in the laundry or in with the rest of the dishes, which (yay!) means less extra work for you.

You can buy packs in plain colours, like this Nautical Blue set or in fun patterns, like the Zombie Camp kit.

Here are some of my other favourites:

Each pack comes with 181 labels, including:

  • 15 sticker labels
  • 80 slimline labels
  • 12 shoe labels
  • 60 press n' stick clothing dots (20 medium and 40 small)
  • 12 square labels
  • 2 mini metal tags

That's definitely enough to label all your kids' school or daycare gear (and maybe have some left over)!

Customize your labels by language, font and with up to two lines of text.

Remember, now's the time to buy if you want to get your orders in and your labels on before the kids go back to school!

Standard shipping is free on all orders to Canada and the United States.


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