123InkCartridges: Only $10 for Digiwav HDTV Antenna (Save $16)

123InkCartridges: Only $10 for Digiwav HDTV Antenna (Save $16)

No cable? No problem! Get HDTV for FREE with this HDTV Antenna for 123 Ink Cartridges Canada.

The antenna is normally $25.99 but for 24 hours only, you are going to save $16. That means you only get it for $9.99! That's a great price. You can't even get the cheap-o WalMart special for that much.

For the uninitiated, these antenna basically help you pick up the free, over-the-air (OTA) signals. Generally most places have CTV, Global and CBC OTA channels but bigger cities like Toronto have more. Toronto, for example, has Sun, OMNI and CITY, among others. These aren't the cruddy analog things we had when we were kids either. There things broadcast in glorious HD. If you happen to live close to the border you can often get FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS and others.

A lot of people are trying to be cord cutters (I cut the cord well over a decade ago) and something like this can help immensely. Even if you only get CTV, Global and CBC, those channels will cover all the live programming and much of the network programming. Sports, award shows, all that stuff usually broadcasts on these channels.

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(Expires: 10th April 2013, 9:00AM ET)


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