123InkCartridges.ca Dollar Deals: Up To 85% Off With Items Under $1, $3, $5 & $10

123InkCartridges.ca Dollar Deals: Up To 85% Off With Items Under $1, $3, $5 & $10


There is nothing like getting super awesome deals and for a limited time, 123InkCartridges has a number of items for less than $1, $3, $5 and $5, with up to 85% off!

Here are the deals you can get it for under $1:

I'll be honest, two years ago, I totally got coerced into buy a $20 screen protector for my iPhone. I needed it but most certainly not at that price. So if you or anyone you know have a Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone, then that $0.99 screen protector is definitely a great pick because even if it starts to peel, then you could just get a brand spanking new one for another dollar!

The item that really caught my attention though is the SwitchEasy shock proof back case for iPad 2/3/4 since it's originally price was of 19.99 and it can now be yours for just $2.99 -- that's 85% off! This same case is actually $24.99 on SwitchEasy's own site!

Keep in mind that although some of these items are available on PhoneGala's site, they're actually part of 123InkCartridges and the shopping cart is universal, meaning that even if you add an item from 123InkCartridges.ca and one from PhoneGala.com, then you will still view both under one shopping cart at checkout. Shipping is free on all orders over $49.

(Expiry: 27th March 2014)


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