123Ink Cartridges: Pantum Wireless Printer Was $115 | Now $40 & Exclusive Free Shipping

123Ink Cartridges: Pantum Wireless Printer Was $115 | Now $40 & Exclusive Free Shipping


Need a cheap printer for printing out school work and maps from the net? I found a hot deal on the Pantum P2500W monochrome wireless printer at 123InkCartridges. Regularly $114.99, they sell it for $39.99 and we've got an exclusive coupon code that will get you free shipping on this item. Use the coupon code PANTUMOOSE to save the $4.95 shipping charge on this item.

As my kids get older, they have to start doing assignments on the computer and then print them out and hand them in.I decided they should have their own printer, and truthfully, I should too as I have been using my husband's printer and he doesn't like it! I didn't want to spend a ton, so I was delighted with the under $40 price point on this printer.

I love that it does wireless printing so I can keep it in a central location and we can all print from our devices. It prints quite quickly for us anyway, at 23 pages per minute and has a two-year warranty, which is fantastic.

What I also liked about this printer is that it says it has a dust-design and I see what they mean. It has a smooth surface without a lot of crevices to clean out. That is awesome as I hate to clean and my house seems to get dusty so fast!

It is also made from 100% recyclable materials, which is great in case you decide to upgrade later. You might think it only cost $40, but at least you know if you want to scrap it, it is recyclable. It also has a sleep mode, which is great since my kids definitely won't remember to shut it off after they use it.

I also like that it is not too large so I can fit on a shelf out of the way for when we need it.

There are a number of varying reviews, with the majority over four stars:

This printer has the most compact size that I could find on the market. I don't have a huge desk so this printer is amazing to me. The build quality is good as you can feel this is a solid machine. It's also easy to install, which took me less than 10 minutes to print out my first page. It has the wireless printing function but I haven't try it yet.

I have to also agree with the reviewers that said it shipped quickly. I was shocked to see it two days after ordering.

Searching around, I couldn't find any Pantu printer at this low of a price point, so I think this is a fantastic and frugal deal for any family.

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