12 Days of Disney Socks Advent Calendars @ Disney

12 Days of Disney Socks Advent Calendars @ Disney

Now this might be the absolute best way to give somebody socks for Christmas.

The Disney Store just came out with their 12 Days of Disney Socks Advent Calendars, and they're available online now!

There are two to choose from: a Disney Socks Advent Calendar for Women and one for Men.

Each calendar usually sells for around $52 CAD, but they're on sale for a few dollars off right now. A given calendar comes with 12 different pairs of socks featuring some of the best (and most colourful) characters in Disney history – so they're perfect for diehard fans.

There are also a ton of different Disney Christmas Sock Ornaments on sale. They're very similar to the La Senza Panty Ornaments, except instead of underwear, you'll find socks inside each bauble that you can actually hang on your tree – and they'll look pretty cute.

Remember that all prices on the Shop Disney website are listed in USD, so you might want to convert them to CAD to know exactly how much you're spending. Shipping fees to Canada can vary.


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  • Michael F.

    This! I want this!!!

    • Faye F.

      I just placed an order last night lol. Forgot about these!

      • Chelsey D.

        need :pensive:

        • Veronique P.

          ca serait bon pour toi.. 12 paires de bas Disney

          • Melanie C.

            j’ai a vu lol mais c’etais cher

            • Veronique P.

              ca dit c en vente.. c combien?

              • Melanie C.

                je l’avais vu sur disney store so c’est Americain et le shipping et super cher si il la a rideau sa voudrais la peine

                • Veronique P.

                  ah ok.. faudrait aller checker.. pas que je vais la souvent mais c'est pas loin.

                  • Melanie C.

                    si jamais tu passe dans le coin tu peut checker pour moi lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

                    • pinecone

                      The link is to the US site & US prices.  :(

                      • Janice F.

                        Need!! Times 3!

                        • Kia J.

                          love those!

                          • Jordie E.

                            Oh hot damn

                            • MelozZzy

                              @pinecone that’s the way the site always is!! There is no site to shop in CAD but they ship to Canada you will just have to do the conversion yourself :) hope this helps!!