1010Tires.com Free Shipping & More!

1010Tires.com Free Shipping & More!


There are a few promos active right now for 1010tires.com. The first is free shipping on any order (up to a value of $65).

I tested it out on 4 BMW tires which cost a total of over $600, and the shipping cost was zero – nice!

Additionally, there’s a way to get an extra $25 discount on your tire order. Here’s how:

  1. Follow 1010tires on Twitter
  2. When making your order at 1010tires, put your twitter username in the comment box

They should apply a $25 discount to your order – this info came from their earlier tweet, and applies to the end of the 24th of September 2009.

As these guys are Canadian owned and operated, you don’t have to worry about any unexpected taxes or duties – the amount you are quoted is what you will pay – good!


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