1000 Free Tic Tac T-Shirts

1000 Free Tic Tac T-Shirts


Tic Tac sir?

This sounds like another great freebie (though in the guise of a contest). Tic Tac is giving away 1000 free t-shirts, to the first entrants in their contest.

They are encouraging Canadian Tic Tac fans to submit their own small fun creation in a contest to win 24 hours of small fun with $5000 too!

How to Enter: Create a video or photo of something made out of Tic Tacs or Tic Tac boxes and submit it for a chance to win our grand prize, 24 hours of small fun with $5000.  Creations will be judged on originality, creativity, and of course, overall fun-ness.  Also, the first 1000 entries get a free t-shirt from Tic Tac.

Additionally, you can also get a free t-shirt by downloading their iPhone game and beating all the levels.

The contest only started today, so if you get your entries in fast, you should be in the first 1000 and get yourself a free Tic Tac t-shirt! Let me know if you manage to nab one of the freebies!


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