$100 iTunes Card Multi-Pack for $85 & Free Shipping @ Costco Canada

$100 iTunes Card Multi-Pack for $85 & Free Shipping @ Costco Canada


*Bump! This offer is back just in time for Christmas!*

Costco Canada has discounted the $100 iTunes gift card pack. Usually this iTunes card pack retails for $94.99 online, but they have an extra $10 off this price bringing your cost down to just $84.99. This is a $100 Multipack, which has 4 x $25 iTunes Cards in it. Receive free shipping on any order at Costco Canada. If you shop in store, you can get the same offer for just $75! With Christmas coming up, this is a fabulous offer for stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts.

It is so rare to see iTunes cards for more than 10% off these days... therefore I am pleased to be blogging a 15% off deal (or 25% off if you shop in stores). While some people 'borrow '(steal) their music, I still buy all of my music either on physical CDs or via iTunes. iTunes Canada also is a great place to rent movies, buy movies, buy television series, and much more entertainment.

I actually cannot remember the last time I paid full price for anything at iTunes. That is not because iTunes has great sales (they are not bad at best), but rather because I always buy my iTunes cards on sale and then use them to pay for music. It is a good way to save money on your entertainment even if you end up buying a new CD for full price.

This year I even used the rest of my iTunes credit to sign up for iTunes match. It is a fantastic program that lets me have all my music available to all my devices without actually having to download my entire library to my phone (or tablet). Now, I still do need to download stuff for when I am off my Wi-Fi and do not want to listen to music on my data.

There is a limit of five $100 multi-packs per person, which shouldn't be a problem as they are quite large packs. I like that they each contain four $25 gift cards as I could keep a few for myself and give a couple as gifts to friends and family. These might even make good stocking stuffers. Just purchase a pack and stick one $25 gift card in each family member's stocking. What a nice gift!

Hey Moosers, when is the last time you picked up some iTunes cards for 15% off?

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  • lamariposavioleta
    Got it in store!!! Thanks!!!
    • lamariposavioleta
      Except in store, it was 89.99-$10