10 Free Timbits When Team Canada Plays @ Tim Hortons

10 Free Timbits When Team Canada Plays @ Tim Hortons

I don't know about you, but my kid (and husband) love Timbits. Right now there is a great promotion on at Tim Hortons Canada to celebrate Team Canada in the World Cup of Hockey - and you could receive 10 free Timbits on the days that our team plays!

The catch is that you would need to have purchased a Tim Hortons at-home product between now and October 1st, 2016 in order to redeem ten free Timbits. This is easy enough though, we buy their canned hot chocolate mix and coffee all the time. So no loss! Just keep that receipt, and next time Team Canada plays during the World Cup of Hockey, you can show that receipt when you order and you will get 10 free Timbits of your choice.

In September, here are the dates that Team Canada plays (and the dates that you can redeem your 10 free Timbits):

  • Friday, September 9th (Canada vs USA)
  • Saturday, September 10th (USA vs Canada)
  • Wednesday, September 14th (Canada vs Russia)
  • Saturday, September 17th (Canada vs CZE)
  • Tuesday, September 20th (Canada vs USA)
  • Wednesday, September 21st (Canada vs EUR)
  • and then the semi-final games, to be determined who plays

What flavours do you get?!


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