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8 October 2014


The wonderful Nuvango (previously Gelaskins) has given us an exclusive 15% discount on their skins, cases, art, and more. Enjoy my beloved Moosers!

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  • Coupon Code: 15MOOSE
  • Discount: 15% off
  • Expiry: 23rd October 2014

I have a long history with Nuvango (under their former name) because I have owned their products for years. When I owned Macbooks, I used the skins to keep the lids free of damage and in pristine condition. It had the added benefit of increasing their resale value as people value a well-kept laptop. I also put skins on all my iPads and recently sold my old iPad 2 with skin for a healthy amount of money. The people appreciated the scratch free back and beautiful art of my chosen skin.

I currently own an iPhone 5S with the hard case. While I had a skin on my phone, I found that the abuse a phone receives warrants protection that is more durable. I would like to get a second case just so I can change it up a bit. This Saucer Bar print by Christopher Wild is cute. It does not look to be his usual style, but I love the colours and the two little purple blobs with eyes just do it for me. It gives me that feeling of a place I would like to visit. The iPhone hard case costs $35 but after coupon comes down to $29.75. It is a shame that the case for my iPhone 5 cuts off most of the purple blobs.

By the way, I highly recommend adding on the screenguard for $8 (after coupon just $6.80). It is totally worth it! I got the screen guard with my case and it has been on for nearly two years now! I really need to change it out as it has a deep gouge in it now, but it has protected my phone screen so well.

I MUST bring attention to a certain artist they are currently featuring. Holy crap they have Frank Frazetta. If you do not know who this person is... he is like a god of early comic book art, cover art, and illustrations (perhaps most known for Conan the Barbarian). His work is so definitive that people copy and pay tribute but never can equal. Barbarian is one of his most famous pieces but I must get my hands on Egyptian Queen. I just love the way Frazetta draws women. Maybe that is my next iPhone 5S cover!

The only way this would be better is if they had BROM art. *hint hint*

All prices in US dollars and all orders are shipped via UPS. While Nuvango bills in USD, all Canadian orders are shipped from within Canada and GST/HST will be charged at checkout (no duty). Shipping depends on what you are order and where it is shipping.

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