Yves Rocher Canada: 50% Mega Sale!

BUMPing for new eyes - sale still active!

I love shopping @ Yves Rocher! They sell lovely merchandise, give great freebies with purchase, plus do excellent coupon codes from time to time.

There are a few exclusions in the 50% sale, but most items seem to be on special offer. Let’s see what bargains I can dig out for you guys:

Jardins des Îles Softening Shower Gel (Search for 47863) was $5 now $2.50 - Nourishes skin to silky-softness, leaving you fragrant with tiaré flowers and coconut oil. Sounds really nice! I love this kind of shower gel, that leaves your skin feeling soft and magnificent.

Peach and Vanilla Scented Candles (Search for 26119) were $3 now only $1.20 - Delicious, mouthwatering peach and vanilla scented candles add a fruity fragrance or warm sensual notes to your home. A scentual indulgence that costs so little! These are very cheap! I actually love the smell of vanilla candles, so I’m going to pop these in my cart for when I make my order.

Couleurs NatureLiquid Pearl Eyeshadow was $15 now $7.50 - An innovative new formula, this liquid powder covers eyelids with a sumptuously iridscent splash of color. I’ve never used these “liquid” eyeshadows, so I don’t know how good they are. This one is supposed to last for 8 hours, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

Jardins de Noël Moisturizing Hand Cream - Christmas Edition (Search for 14553) was $4 now $1.75 - This scented lotion leaves hands soft and fragrant with orange, cinnamon and star anise notes. OK, I know it’s the Christmas edition, so it’s a bit late, but who cares?! It will still leave your handies nice and soft, regardless of the time of year. And $1.75 is deinfintely a bargain.

Protectyl Soleil SPF 15, After Sun and FREE SPF 4 Lotion (Search for F5029) was $61 now $30.50 - The trio includes: Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion SPF 15, 150 ml bottle, Soothing After Sun Gel, 150 ml bottle, Suntan Lotion Bronzing Effect SPF 4, 150 ml bottle. OK OK I know it’s a bit early in the year to be thinking of your suncare needs, but you might as well grab a bargain and keep it in storage for the summer!

Spa EnergieSmoothing Body Polish(Search for 17461) was $16 now $6.40 - The refreshing and minty exfoliating formula sloughs away dead skin cells, increases micro-circulation, as it leaves skin ready to optimally receive the benefits of further slimming treatments. This seems to be some sort of slimming cream! I’ve heard about these in the past, but I’ve never really had the need to use one (yet!). For $6, I guess it could be worth a try.

Remember Remember The Free Gifts!

Yves Rocher is so great with their freebie with your order! With any order, you can choose from:

  • Free Spa Vegetal moisturizer
  • Free elegant dragonfly brooch
  • Free Trio of Photo Albums
  • Free Lavender Polishing Foot Scrub

If you spend $45 or more, you can choose from a free satin-like chemise or a free necklace and earring set. :)

As I write this, shipping is a flat rate of $4.95 – pretty good!

Don’t forget that you can go through Dealguild Canada to get yourself a 10.5% free rebate online.


  • Perla
    Hi ! I was just wondering if there's a branch of Yves Rocher in London, Canada ?? Thanks
  • Anna
    Check their store locator perla :) http://storelocator.yves-rocher.com/en/north-america/canada/

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