The Shopping Channel: Elizabeth Grant Surprise Box $38.89 ($300 value)


The Shopping Channel is offering a wicked deal on this Elizabeth Grant Surprise box. The products in this surprise kit are geared towards for women who want to be more proactive about aging gracefully. It has a minimum value of $300. The box itself costs $30 and S&H costs 8.89, so very reasonable.

I bought the Christmas Surprise Box they had, which was $25 for around $150 worth of product... and it was totally awesome. My mother and I shared to products in it and it was just fun going through the box together. The holiday box sold out very quickly. If the Elizabeth Grant box wasn't geared towards 'aging gracefully' which I am still a bit young to be concerned with... I would get it immediately. It is worth every penny.

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  • Steven
    I bought two! Yes, guys want to age gracefully too...hahaha!

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