Sudsatorium Canada Coupon Code: 10% Discount on Natural Vegan Products


I am pretty tickled pink to be introducing you to a new company that I just found recently. They are called Sudsatorium and they are out of Aurora, Ontario. They sell awesome natural vegan body products with funky names. I recently placed a purchase, and they sent me a coupon code for my next order. I wanted to share that coupon code for 10% off and this company with you.

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  • Coupon Code: SUMMERSIZZLER
  • Discount: 10% off
  • Expiry: 30th August 2014

I placed an order for 250 ml of This Little Piggy Foot & Body Lotion. The product name is so cute and the active ingredients are carefully chosen for their healing properties. As a couple beauty bloggers I follow told me, Neem and Arnica work really well for fungal infections like athletes foot. While I opted for the largest container possible, this lotion does start at just $4.95 for 30ml. After coupon code, that is $4.45.

There are so many products I want to try from this company. The Dawn of the Bed Soap sounds like an excellent addition my morning routine on those days where sleep clings desperately to every cell of my body. A menagerie of citrus fruits including lemon and lime will wake you up in the shower and remind you that your place is among the living. This soap starts at $4.45 after coupon ($4.95 before).

Looking for a new body lotion? Try out Florist Gump and smell as if you have been working in the garden without all that hard work. This body lotion will make your skin feel like a dream with nourishing hemp seed butter and cape chestnut oil. A 60ml bottle starts at $6.95 or just $6.25 after coupon code.

They also sell shampoo and conditioner. While I do not use too much conditioner, I am rather tied between Okra Winfrey and the Umpa Lumpa Conditioner. I think the Umpa Lumpas will win in the end. Each starts at $5.95 a bottle, or $5.35 after coupon.

There are so many amazing items in this shop. Shipping appears to be $7 for your first item, with $2.50 added on for each item thereafter. I suggest buying the larger containers (like I bought the 250ml) to offset the cost of shipping. Sudsatorium may be running an Etsy shop right now, but it is as full and as functional as any online store you buy from. This Sudsatorium coupon code is also an excellent way to try out their products.


  • Callista
    Thanks for the coupon! I can't wait for my order! I LOVE Lush products, and it looks like Sudsatorium offers very similar products - only cheaper!! Price difference of $9.00 a bottle on the 500ml conditioner! I went for their Mix & Match Any 3 Shampoo / Conditioner / Shower Gel / Bubble Bath in the 500ml size for $60.95 - so that saved me $8.90 on the items I chose. Then the 10% coupon gave me another $6.10 - so a total of $15.00 savings and only 1 charge of $7.00 shipping for the 3 items! Use coupon code FALLINLOVEWITHSUDS before September 30th for 10% off! :)
    • Avigayil M.
      Thanks so much for the additional coupon! I hope you love your new products. Drop us a line on what you think of them once you have tried them out! :-)

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