Stock Up On 24H Moisturizing Butter During the 5 for $20 Sale @ Fruits and Passion

24H Moisturizing Butter 5 for $20 Sale

I already know what you're thinking, who needs five tubs of anything? But here's the thing, these 24H Moisturizing Butters are regularly $9.95 each, so to be able to pick up five of them for $20 is a great opportunity for stocking up.

There are a few scents available in stock so you can get a variety and keep them on hand for upcoming occasions like Mother's Day. The pretty packaging on these also makes them ideal for hostess gifts and teacher's gifts. They are a decadent treat that many people are not likely to buy for themselves. Don't forget to keep a couple for yourself!

Added bonus—we've got an exclusive free shipping code if you shop the 5 for $20 deal. Use code MOOSE at checkout.

(Expires March 18, 2016)


  • LorraineBabee

    For those of you who shopped the 5/$20 sale, check your charges. I did and was charged the full amount for each item. Instead of $23 plus free shipping I was charged $57.20 for five 24h moisturizing butters. I tried calling to have it corrected but couldn't get through. Wish me luck!

    • miarodak

      OH NO! I tested this one myself and it seemed to work fine. I'm glad you checked your charges and caught this error! Did you happen to notice if the correct price was displayed in your cart before you checked out? Please do come back and let us know that you got it resolved. 

      • LorraineBabee

        When I checked out using PayPal the charge said something like $23 and change but when the charges went through it said $57.

  • pokerjon

    I got a bad deal too. I confirmed my order at $28.xx and then checked the invoice and my paypal and it was over $60. I have emailed them and still not response. I hope they get this corrected.

  • miarodak

    Hello Moosers, we are going to see if we can figure out what's happening with that code for you! I will be sure to keep you posted. 

  • LorraineBabee

    Just an update- I still can not get a customer service rep when I call and they do not return my calls or emails. I had other choice but to open a claim with PayPal in hopes that they can help get my money back. 

    • miarodak

      Thanks for the update. So frustrating for you, I am sure! We have reached out to them as well and are working on finding out what happened and how we can help to solve the issue. As soon as we have any more details, we will let you know! 

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