SomaLife Coupon Code: 25% Off Everything (EXPIRED)


SomaLife has a 25% off coupon code for anything on their website. This is the largest coupon I have seen from SomaLife, thus I am pleased to be sharing it with you tonight.

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  • Coupon Code: CYBER25
  • Discount: 25% off
  • Expiry: 1st December 2014

In case you have forgotten, Somalife sells natural health, athletic, age, and other supplements for a healthier you.

This is a pretty good coupon and it can be used on top of Somalife's promotions, which can be accessed by clicking the top of the menu on any page at SomaLife. You could use the code on the youth formula super pack, which boasts a special price of $149.95 to further bring it down to just $112.46. It comes with a 30-day supply of as many as 5 of the following products: Youth Formula, ProVit Xcell and IQ50. The reason it's counted as 5 products is because Provit Xcell actually encompasses 3 seperate bottles: one of Omega-3, one of Somavit Plus (a vitamin/ mineral supplement ) and Super X (an anti-oxydant). If you were to purchase all of these products individually, you would actually be looking at a $199.95 price tag, which means that with the code, you're looking at 44% in savings.

That is just one of the ways that you could save but you can also use it to save on anything else. Another product that caught my eye is the SomaPet. Although SomaLife doesn't specify as to what kind of animals you can feed this too, they only drew a cat and a dog on their promotional video for it. As such, I wouldn't particularly advise feeding it to hamsters or any other pet you may have! :P

SomaPet is essentially made from amino acid, which act to improve your pets health by improving their immune system, strengthening their healing abilities and a couple of other benefits, which you can read all about on their site by clicking on "Pet Health" at the top of any SomaLife page. Personally, I have two cats and think this supplement might benefit one of them as he is on the obese side and he's also over 3 years old, which is the minimum age recommendation for this product. Originally priced at $49.95, you can get a 30-day supply for just $37.46.

Shipping is at a flat rate of $11 per order. If you happen to miss this promotion, then under December 2nd, you can use our Bargainmoose exclusive Shop SomaLife coupon code: MOOSE20 to get 20% off your entire order.

(Image Credit: Frantz Lasorne)

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