Shoppers Optimum Points 20x Bonus Day

For those Moosers who collect Shoppers Optimum points, you'll be pleased to hear that they're having a bonus points day this Wednesday the 22nd of June 2011. On this day, if you spend $50 or more, you will get 20x the regular amount of points.

Normally, here are the tiers for spending:

  • Get 10 points when you spend $1
  • Get 100 points when you spend $10
  • Get 500 points when you spend $50
  • Get 1,000 points when you spend $100

But for the 20x event, here's the plan:

  • Get 200 points when you spend $1
  • Get 2000 points when you spend $10
  • Get 10,000 points when you spend $50
  • Get 20,000 points when you spend $100

And when you've gathered points on your card, here is the redemption plan:

  • 8,000 points for a $10 discount
  • 22,000 points for a $30 discount
  • 38,000 points for a $60 discount
  • 50,000 points for a $85 discount
  • 95,000 points for a $170 discount

Even if you don't yet collect Shoppers Optimum points, you can grab a card when you're in-store tomorrow, to get your bonus points.

So, here's an example. If you spend $50 in-store on Wednesday (which is the minimum required), you'll get 10,000 points on your card. You can use 8,000 of those towards a $10 discount on your next shop, and you still have a few points left over.

Who here is a Shoppers Optimum collector?


  • Jessie
    Hi there, I've collected Shopper's Optimum points for a number of years now, and they were especially great when my girls were little - they used to have great deals on Pampers/Huggies (and maybe they still do, but I haven't been looking for about 10 years!), and with those purchases, I earned enough points to get things like cool mist humidifiers and in-ear thermometers. It was a sweet deal for me at the time! tinybauble
    • Anna
      That sounds ideal Jessie :) Thanks for the comment!

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