Shoppers Drug Mart: Gift Card Bonus Points is Back!

One of the most popular events at Shoppers Drug Mart Canada is back on this weekend.  You will get 8,000 Shoppers bonus points when you buy 2 or more gift cards totalling $150 or more.

I absolutely love this event because I buy all of my gift cards at Shoppers Drug Mart for my Christmas shopping.  They have such a huge variety of gift cards that I can get something for the whole family. Last year I bought gift cards for Toys R Us for the kids gifts, restaurant cards for gifts, and gas cards for my husband.

Getting 8,000 SDM bonus points is the equivalent to $10 and with a bonus redemption weekend happening at the beginning of December, you will want to get as many points as you can.  If you will be buying more than $150 (which a lot of people do), make sure to do it in separate transactions so that you will get 8,000 point for each $150 spent.  The points will be added to your account by November 23rd.

You may use almost any form of payment to purchase these gift cards but there is an exclusion.  Gift or financial cards cannot be used to purchase additional gift or financial cards.  (Financial cards are considered pre paid Visa type cards)

(Expiry: 16th November 2012)

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