Shoppers Drug Mart Free Fragrance Sample

Very Hollywood

Stop by Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty BOUTIQUE and show this printable coupon for your deluxe sample of Very Hollywood by Michael Kors.

Print and present this free coupon for your free deluxe sample of Very Hollywood by Michael Kors at any Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty BOUTIQUE. This offer is valid while supplies last.


  • Cindy
  • laura
    did anyone get this? i went in today and all the girl would give me was a paper with a squirt on it!! it says "deluxe sample" - is that shopper's example of a deluxe sample?
  • dee
    so this is not a bottle sample right? like worse packaging?
  • Shu-Wen
    Laura, the people at your Shoppers Drug Mart obviously don't know what they're doing. I work at Shoppers Drug Mart and the sample is indeed a deluxe sample (it's not one of those small perfume sample vials). It's a container that's similar to the actual perfume bottle (same rectangular shape, and the cap looks the same), except without the circular patterns. The deluxe sample bottle is about 3x4x1 cm, and it's pretty cute.
  • laura
    thanks Shu-Wen. SDM was on my no-no list for many years and i only recently started to shop there again but this just reminds why they got on the list in the first place! perhaps i'll try another location.

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