Shoppers Drug Mart Deals: Free $10 Gift Cards…

With a $50 spend!! I always love getting free gift cards when I spend money. It justifies me spending in the first place, when I’m making such a saving!

Spend $50 at Shoppers Drug Mart Canada this weekend, between the 16th and 18th of May, 2009. If you do, you’ll get a free $10 gift card!! Now, there are exclusion as per usual, tobacco, stamps etc. But if you can work around those, it should be pretty easy to spend $50. How about $50 worth of Kleenex? Should be useful.

The coupon will be valid until the 8th of June 2009.

Last time I was in Shoppers, I think I spent about $60!! By the time I had thrown a few nice lippies in my cart, a few nice smelly shampoos, I had worked up quite a bill! But I don’t regret spending money there, it’s always things that I can make use of.

Thanks to D&J Huber.


  • Kim
    I go in to buy toothpaste but always end up spending $50+ !
  • Anna
    LOL I know Kim, I'm the same!

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