Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: 7000 Free Optimum Points On $75 Gift Card Spend


Here's a great deal for those of you who collect Shoppers Optimum Points from Shoppers Drug Mart Canada. When you spend $75 on certain gift cards, they will reward you with 7000 free optimum Points!! That's the equivalent of $10 store credit, so it can't be bad!

This deal is mentioned in their current flyer, page 5. Sorry for the poor quality image above, that's all that was available on their website.

The offer is valid between Saturday the 22nd and Friday the 28th of August,2009. The applicable gift cards include iTunes, FootLocker, Esso, Nexon, KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell,

If you have the free cash available, there is absolutely nothing stopping you buying up a load of Esso cards, then using them to pay for future gas purchases for your car. Each $75 card you buy gets you $10 worth of free Shoppers Optimum Points! I don't think it would be as easy to spend a load of cash on Pizza Hut gift cards, but you never know!!

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