Shoppers Drug Mart: Bonus Redemption Weekend

Shoppers Drug Mart has their biggest event of the year back this weekend.  It is Bonus Redemption time again on Saturday and Sunday.  Cash in your rewards points for free items with your rewards points being worth more, so you will get more free!

Here are some examples at some of the regular redemption levels compared to this weekend:

  • Redeem 38,000 points, get up to $60 off /This weekend redeem 38,000 for $70 (get an extra $10)
  • Redeem 50,000 points, get up to $85 off / This weekend redeem 50,000 for $105 (get an extra $20)
  • Redeem 95,000 points, get up to $170 off / This weekend redeem 95,000 for $210 (get an extra $40)

You can do up to two redemptions a day over the 2 days, per card, so technically if you have enough points, you can get up to $840 worth of free items.  There are a few of the regular exclusions like gift cards, tobacco products, prescriptions & lotto tickets but all food, health and beauty, and electronics are up for grabs.  It is a great time to cash in your points to grab some stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts, replenish your pantry or freezer or just splurge on what you want.

There are a couple of things you can do to optimize your rewards this weekend:

Use Coupons: I make sure to check the Shoppers Drug Mart flyer for sales and match any printable grocery coupons I have to those sales.  Since the coupons are treated like money and taken off your total, you will be able to get more for your points.  For example, say a tube of toothpaste is priced at $2 and you have a $1 coupon for it, that means if you are redeeming $90 instead of that item being $2 of your $90 it will just be $1.  Using coupons on redemption days is a must for me.  The last redemption I did, I used about $35 in coupons meaning instead of $200 free items I really got $235! It pays to use coupons!

Shop early or very late: Since the Redemption days are only 2 days each time, popular sale items go very fast (especially if there is a coupon to go with the item).  I try to shop either as early as possible (so I know that the item I am looking for will be there) or late at night (because at the 24 hour locations the items will be restocked late).

What will you be getting this weekend with your rewards points?

(Exp 2nd December 2012)


  • Amie
    Is it even worth it to redeem this weekend? I only am at at 117,000 so I don't have enough for two. I'm just scared they are going to have a really good one later.
    • Krista W.
      I personally think it is worth it to redeem this weekend. For the past few years, this is the highest value bonus amount they have had each year. Last year the amount was $250 instead of the $210 but I highly doubt they will be doing a $250 again now.
  • vicki
    hello...i was wondering if you redeem this weekend will you also get your bonus points? i got coupons in the if i spend the 150.00 and redeem 50000 points can i still recieve my bonus?it is very confusing isn't it?thank you...
    • Krista W.
      You will only get your optimum points on the items that you pay for. For example, if you redeem $210 but your total is $250, you will get the points for the $40 you actually paid for. If you have coupons for bonus points, I do believe you will get those bonus points for those individual products though.

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