Shoppers Drug Mart: 4000 Free Optimum Points!


I think most, if not all Moosers have a Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum account. If you do, how does 4000 free Shoppers Optimum Points sound to you? That’s exactly what you can claim by updating your account and using the coupon code below.

Click here to update your account @ now

  • Coupon Code: 1990
  • Discount: 4000 free points
  • Expires: 16th February 2015

As far as I know, you’re only eligible to use these “update your account” codes once every six months on Shoppers Drug Mart. So, if you’ve done this with another code in the last six months such as this previous one in October, you won’t be eligible to use this new coupon code. You can give it a try in your account if you wish – if you don’t get a confirmation email, then it means you were not eligible.


However, if you successfully apply the Shoppers coupon code and edit your account, then you will get an email to confirm this and the points will be in your account on the 2nd of March 2015.Eva just successfully completed this process and instantly got the email confirmation about the free 4000 Shoppers Points.

Technically, 4000 Shoppers Optimum points is worth $5 for spending in store, so you might as well claim this freebie now.

Then, when you are redeeming your Shoppers points, it’s best to make sure you are subscribed to their email updates. From time to time, they will send out notification of their 20x redemption offers, which happen from time to time. Spend all your points on the 20x redemption days, so as to make the best use of your points!


  • Joanne l.
    I have tried to do it 3 times and everytime I quickly fill in the info and when I submit it says my session has expired
    • Anna W.
      Hi Joanne and welcome to Bargainmoose. I'd recommend trying a different browser to see if it works.
  • Marion
    Not sure what went wrong ..I updated my infor ....but for some reason did not receive the free points ....
    • Anna W.
      Hi Marion! As said in the post above... either if you've claimed a similar offer before you won't be eligible, OR if you were, then the points go in on the 2nd March.
  • Laura
    worked for me! thank you!
  • lana h.
    i not able to update my profile it wont accept my info
    • Anna W.
      Lana, we can't help... you'll need to contact Shoppers for that.
  • Ann (.
    Hi, I have lost my Shoppers Optimum card. I need a replacesment, as I finally live near a Shoppers Drug Mart. Could you please send me a new one, and include the 4000 points available with code "1990".? My new address is Ann ****. My previous addresses were 532 ***, , and ***, and then ***. My D.O.B is 13/05/64. If you require any other info, please email me or call 1-5***.
    • Anna W.
      Ann, please do not post all your personal details on a public forum. I've removed them... but please get in touch with Shoppers themselves.
  • cynthiajfaulkner
    How do I know if I received mu bonus points?
    • Anna W.
      Please read the post above. You will get an email confirmation if you were eligible.
  • Brenda
    I was able to update my account and receive my bonus points. Thank you. $5 is $5! For those of you who are having problems, phone the Customer Help number. They are very helpful and will give you the assistance you need.
  • Patricia L.
    PLEASE help..not sure of what I was doing ..code 1990...for 4000 points , I m not sure if I got them ?
    • Anna W.
      Please read the post above, or contact Shoppers if you are having any difficulty with your account there.
  • Anne
    Worked for me...thanks for the tip about 20x the points redemption days!
  • Karen V.
    Thanks so much for the tip to gain extra points! I did, however run into some difficulties and wondered if you could help. When I put in my address which included the # sign, it said NOT to use any symbols. I tried to return to the page to alter this but the page was no longer available so I have no idea if I will actually receive the 4000 points and I'm not able to get back to the page even when I attempt to start over again. Any suggestions? Thanks so much! Karen :)
    • Anna W.
      Karen, did you get an email confirmation? If not, I'd give customer services a call.
  • Teresa Z.
    I am getting a message that the promo code is invalid? I just spoke to customer service and was informed that unless you are making a full email change, you are not eligible.
  • Dori
    I keep getting a message saying my code is unvalid...
  • Tracey F.
    I updated my account including address and email And they are saying the promo code of 1990 isn't valid? Tonight is the cutoff. Help please

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