Lunapads Canada Coupon Code: 10% Off No Min. & 15% Off $50+

18 September 2014


Lunapads has released a coupon code for 10% off your order with no minimum.

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  • Coupon Code: FALLSAVE
  • Discount: 10% off
  • Expiry: 25th September 2014

Usually, Lunapads coupon codes require a minimum purchase like $35 or $50. The only other coupon I have seen lately for them without a minimum was for 5% off. As this coupon code is double that discount, I thought it worth blogging. However, if you are placing a larger order, be sure to use our exclusive coupon code below to get 15% off orders of $50 or more.

  • Coupon Code: BMOOSE15
  • Discount: 15% off $50
  • Expiry: Unknown

For anyone who just wants 'one' of something, the 10% off coupon code is a very good option. I have been admiring the new Dear Kate Vera Hipsters in regular and queen size. I have used Dear Kate before, and they are great back-up underwear during your period. Rather than wrecking a nice pair of undies, these panties can handle a little leakage, will keep it from ruining your pants, and wash up beautifully. The regular Vera underwear retail for $34 and come down to $30.60 after coupon. The queen size Dear Kate retail for $42, and come down to $37.80 after coupon.

Many women want to save money, and while panty liners, tampons, and pads do not seem to cost much money, they do add up over a year. Switch to Lunapads to save money on your period supplies. With the Divacup, I have cut my spending on menstrual products down to $0 per month, with an initial investment of $40 x 2 (because I lost my first cup once and bought a second). My cups should last me a couple years each (up to 5 years) and save me several hundreds of dollars over that time. The divacup originally cost $39.99, and is on sale for $34.99. After coupon code, pay just $31.49.

There are several extra for your diva cup that you can choose to buy along with it or not. The Carry Pouch for just $6.29 (was $6.99) is worth purchasing to store your cup and for traveling as well. They have a few nice designs to choose from and no one will ever know what you are carrying. I suggest buying two diva cups and two carry pouches to get all set up. It is absolutely no fun misplacing your cup right before your period without having a backup.

For these and future Lunapads coupon codes, check out the forum. Shipping is free on $75 and varies under that.

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