L'Oreal Dry & Sensitive Day Cream Recalled For Allergic Reactions and Sensitivities?!

Recall on L'Oreal Dry & Sensitive Cream

If you use L'Oreal Dry & Sensitive Day Cream - stop! This product has been recalled due to severe allergic reactions and sensitive skin sensitivities. Go figure - this product is designed for sensitive skin. L'Oreal voluntarily recalled their product early this morning. If you have some in your home, or know someone who does, then you're going to want to check this out.

The L'Oreal Dry & Sensitive Day Cream included in this recall with have a lot number of 20K609. It is sold in the 50 ml white jars, and the lid twists on. You will find the lot number printed on the label of the jar as well as embossed on the bottom flap of the carton if you kept the box.

So why was this product recalled? The L'Oreal Ideal Moisture Dry & Sensitive Day Cream contains the preservative methylisothyiazolinone (MI) at a concentration level that exceeds the current limit that has been set by Health Canada. MI poses a huge risk of inducing allergic reactions as well as skin irritations - and that would be very unfortunate especially considering that most users of this product already have sensitive skin.

So far there have not been any reports of consumer incidents, but it is better to be safe than sorry. There are about 57,447 unit of this recalled product in Canada, and they were sold between July 2013 and February 2016. If you have this stuff - return it for a full refund or exchange as soon as possible. This is still possible even if you have already started using the product.

Moosers, do you have this L'Oreal product in your household?

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