It’s Flu Season – Save On The Sniffles With Tylenol!

Hands up who has the cold? Me!? I’m boogertastic, snottery and down in the dumps. But I’m still delving for deals!! I’ve came across a few discount coupons for Tylenol, the well-known medication brand. Here’s what we have:

  1. Save $1 on any children’s Tylenol Acetaminophen product until Jan 31st 2009
  2. Save $1 on any Tylenol cold product or save $1 on Benylin Extra Strength until Mar 31st 2009
  3. Save $2 on any Tylenol cold product until Feb 28th 2009
  4. Save $2 on any Tylenol product 16s/24mL or larger until Apr 1st 2009
  5. Save $3 on any Tylenol Acetaminophen product until Jan 31st 2009
  6. UPDATE - NEW COUPON: Save $1 on any Tylenol Cold Day/Night product until 30th April 2009.

These should work in any store in Canada.

And here’s a great tip which should come in handy – certain stores stack coupons to give you multiple discounts on the one item!!! London Drugs is confirmed as being one such store. They will accept multiple coupons for the same product, as long as the bar codes are different on each coupon. So to save yourself even more, print out a few of the above, and use them on your Tylenol medication supplies!

In my opinion, the best remedy when you have the cold is to just say in bed. I’ve been in bed for 24 hours now! It’s even better if you have someone to bring you snacks and tea and medication (not to mention a laptop and wireless interwebs access)!

Thanks for the pic Cybergabi.

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