Hydrasense Coupon: Save $5!

Don’t know if any of you guys use this product, but I’ll post up the free printable coupon just in caseys.

As you can see, you get a $5 discount on any Hydrasense product. For most of you in Canada, you can just print out the coupon and take it with you to present at the store. However, for those of you in bonny Quebec, you have to treat it as a mail-in rebate.

I’m not too sure how much Hydrasense is regularly in-store. If I compare to the price on Well.ca, it usually goes for around $13. So, a $5 coupon is a pretty hefty discount towards that.

Hydrasense’s claim to fame is their range of Nasal Sprays. Yummy! But, joking aside, these can be quite good. When I travel for any length of time on an airplane, my nostrils get really dry, and usually bleed for a few days afterward. I’ve started to use nasal sprays just before and during an air flight, and I find it really helps with nostril irrigation!!

The expiry date on this Hydrasense deal is 31st December 2009!

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  • John
    link to 2010 $4 off HydraSense coupon http://site.todaysparent.com/hydraSense/Coupon_HYD_Microsite4$ENG.pdf

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