Forever21 Canada: 500 Items Under $5

23 August 2013

This is sort of a deal and sort of not a deal. Forever21 has a massive selection of 500 items for under $5. This includes jewelry, cosmetics, lingerie, clothing, and more! If you are a (female) student on a budget or anyone pinching pennies (or is it nickels?) right now this is a great place to shop.

So, this isn't really a sale in that most this stuff is here all the time. You can buy Frog Socks for $3.80, a lovely Flying Sparrow Ring for $4.80, and an endless supply of Spaghetti Strap Camis for only $1.80 each. Mix it up with Essential Layering Tanks for $1.80 each and the Round Neck Cami for only $1.80.

Now, the part that is a deal is that for some of the items in this section, if you buy multiples you will get an added discount. For example, these Stretch-Knit Lace-Trimmed Boyshorts are $4.80 each, but you can buy three for $11.80 (which = $3.93 each). These Lace Bow Thongs cost $3.80 a piece, but when you buy four pairs of them you get all four for $11.50 (which = $2.87 each).

This section is just full of little treasures for anyone needing to save money and get some basics plus a little more. You can buy the most affordable underwear and camisoles ever here, plus get lovely nail polish, hair accessories, jewelry, and more.

Enjoy free shipping on orders of $60 or more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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