Dealathons Canada: $8 MAC Cyndi Lauper Lipstick (Value $25)

For only $8 get a Mac Cosmetics Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper Collection Lipstick from Dealathons Canada. There are five colours to choose from and this offer is worth $25.

I found this in Edmonton, so should you get redirected you can probably find it there.

There is no need to redeem, the product will automatically ship to your address a couple weeks after the deal closes. There is a maximum of ten lipsticks per household and you choose from the five shades at checkout. I assume that shipping and tax are included.

There are a limited number of vouchers, so this deal could end earlier than the expiry date due to them selling out. Let's hope that won't happen.

I have tried the Viva Glam line and it is great. The shades are bold and the products seem to hold up really well. I don't wear much lipstick, but I really do like the punch of colour these give.

(Expiry: 17th March 2013)


  • Holly
    I often visit and trust the references to company deals. For that reason, I went ahead and purchased the MAC lipsticks from I should have checked reviews before making my purchase because their customer service is AWFUL. Refer to When I received my order from Dealathons Canada, the lipstick colours I received did not match what I ordered. The lipsticks were both from the MAC Cyndi Lauper line, but one box was from the Lady Gaga line. On top of that, one of the lipsticks was damaged with dents and smears along the side. After three e-mails and many unanswered calls, I will be making a complaint to the Toronto Better Business Bureau. Please do not post anymore sales from Dealathons Canada. Save the trouble for future bargain moosers!
    • Anna W.
      Sorry to hear that Holly. We've posted about Dealathons a few times and haven't heard any feedback yet. I don't have any customer service contacts there to help you out.... so good luck.
      • Holly
        Hi again, I had a bad hunch about Dealathons a few months prior. I finally had some time to bring the MAC products from Dealathons Canada to the MAC flagship store and was advised from MAC that the products were fake! No helpful responses from Dealathons thus far.. I believe there was a segment on CBC Marketplace about deal sites like Dealathons. Many frustrated consumers. I would suggest again not to post too many deals from them.
        • Anna W.
          Hi Holly, I wrote to their customer services, we'll see if they reply :)
  • Anna
    I purchased 3 MAC lipsticks on Dealathon and they sent me the wrong colours. The third came in a hexagonal shape which I have never seen before. When I noticed how light the plastic felt and the colour that smeared I did my research and see that the shades of MAC lipsticks don't even exist. I emailed Dalathon to complain about the fakes but no reply, don't waste your money.

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