G.I. Joe Sale! Joe Comics For Only $0.99!

16 November 2012

GO JOE!! Comixology is bringing back my childhood with some modern G.I. Joe comics. The best part? They're on sale!

As is the norm with Comoixology, there is no "before" price but it is probably safe to say that these were $1.99 before the sale.

This really is bringing back my childhood. I remember watching these when I was a kid. Besides all the re-runs, I even got my Dad to rent the animated movies on VHS. Not only did I love the shows, I loved the toys. I never had any of the big G.I. Joe figures with the with the different costumes and stuff but I had a lot of the little plastic ones with the black rubber band holding their upper half to their lower. If you remember that black rubber band that thye all had, comment below! Unfortunately the franchise fell out of favour with kids and the few attempts to revive it never caught my attention. So, other than the movies, which were kinda bad, I've had very little G.I. Joe exposure and that is a terrible, terrible thing.

Good thing Comixology is giving us TWO G.I. Joe series to munch on! It looks like both series are over now so you know what you are getting into. It's a defined story, not something that will go on for 17 years just because they can. When I was a kid, I hated comics like that because I didn't understand the artistic portion of comics. To me it was just a series that I loved and was ending. Now I get that there is a point where a story just has to end and I actually prefer them.

(Expires 18th November 2012, 11:00PM ET in North America, local evenings in other regions)


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