12 Days of Free Comics!

Comixology is like Santa Claus but Comixology exists and gives you free stuff. So Comixology isn't like Santa, it's better.

This is actually going to be 11 days of free comics since I missed yesterdays... Sorry about that. Anywho, Comixology is giving away a free comic every day until December 18th! Yesterday was Avengers VS. X-Men Issue #0 (again, sorry I missed it) which is normally $3.99. Not a bad deal.

Today's free comic isn't up yet, unfortunately, but I can't wait to see it. Whatever it is, these comics would make fantastic gifts. You can gift them to people to read on their phones, tablets or computers. Very cool.

If there happen to be any extra-good deals (like free collected editions or graphic novels) I'll make sure to advise you of them so keep an eye out here for more great deals!

(Expires: 18th December 2012)

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