Canadian Freebies: Free Sample of Neutrogena Clinical Anti-Aging Cream *** NOW LIVE ***


Living Well is doing it again, and I am releasing this notice early! Sometime today, January 11,  Living Well is releasing 20,000 samples of Neutrogena Clinical Anti-Aging Cream and trust me, you want one.

If you see that the samples are live, it would be great if you could drop us a comment... I am sure these are going to go so fast, they always do! Living Well is very dependable for delivering samples, so I like to post about them.

Btw: Isn't the picture above kinda creepy?


  • laura
    it's live and really slow! 19978 left. link goes to french offer but changes to english when you click on obtain button. btw - i think that pic is really cool. to see three generations like that!
  • Natalie C.
    I was finally able to sign up for this after about five tries!!! I hope it went through OK. Does anyone know if this stuff really works?
    • Natalie C.
      19251 left
  • loretta
    I did get a thank you reply...extremely slow
  • ANGIE w.
    It's live and very slow. I got through on 2nd try, but CAPTCHA image wouldn't show!!! AHHH... trying again.
  • joy
    18897 left. Took several tries to get it to load.
  • Mandy
    11569 left. No issues loading :)
  • Elisa
    there is still some left left !
  • angela
    Yes, it's very creepy! And 394 left!
  • Stacey
    207 left
  • Patti
    There is an offer to get a free full size of Neutrogena Clinical on p.28 of the February issue of Canadian Living. It is a mail-in rebate offer for the full amount of your purchase of Day, Night, Eye anti-aging systems or the Starter Kit up to a maximum of $70.

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