Bath & Body Works: Spring VIP Tote


As of today when you spend $40 at Bath & Body Works you will become eligible to buy the Spring VIP 2011 Tote for $25. The Spring VIP 2011 Tote has 8 full-sized products in it, and is valued at $100. You can see the tote in the lovely picture above.

I am not a huge B&BW's fan. I don't like their body lotions much as they are so strongly scented. However, I do use their shampoo and conditioner currently and they leave me hair feeling light, silky and fabulous. :-)


  • Natalie C.
    Hi: In Canada, our tote costs $25, and we only get 8 products, instead of 10! Booo! You'd think that the US dollar was still more than ours!
    • Avigayil
      Thank you SO much!!! For some reason BBW sends me the US emails instead of the Canadian ones... O.o Anyway, all is corrected, thanks again!

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