Bath and Body Works Buy 3 Get 3 Free

Bath and Body Works This weekend only, at Bath and Body works, when you buy 3 Signature Collection Body Care products, you get 3 free.

This Easter Weekend Event at Bath and Body Works will get you 3 Signature Collection Body Care items free when you buy 3 from the same collection. You can choose which items you want free. The event will be ending Monday.

This deal is available online or in stores. Just know that when you buy online, it's US prices so you end up paying more than you would in stores.


  • Lisa
    "The event will be ending Monday" ... does that mean it's still on for Monday? Cause every malls are closed for Easter Sunday. Thanks.
  • Anna
    If it's not on in the malls, it will still be on online. But sadly shipping and customs to Canada isn't ideal..

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