Avon Canada: $1 Shipping Coupon Code + Summer Makeup Sale


Avon Canada is once again offering their $1 shipping!

  • Coupon Code: AV201035
  • Discount: $1 Shipping
  • Expires: July 31, 2010

This falls in conjunction with their summer sale, with discounts up to 63% off!

This can add up to some serious savings. Anyone who knows Avon also knows you get free gifts when you buy a certain amount, at the $55 mark and again at the $75 mark. Currently their free gifts are:

  • $55 mark: Blue Link Overlay Watch OR a Getaway Pack (valued at $36)
  • $75 mark: Microfiber Spa Hair Bundle (valued at $29.99)

I have never bought Avon products before. Any of our Moosers a fan?


  • Eugenia A.
    I use avon products and absolutely adore them. This is a wonderful find!
  • Sabrina
    I went on the website and found a nail polish I've been wanting, however, you have to spend $40 in order to get $1 shipping. Unfortunately I'm not willing to spend that much since I'm not that familiar with the brand.
  • Callista
    The Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion is the best eye makeup remover I have ever used. I have very sensitive skin, and even the most expensive brand name products (and I tried LOTS!) would irritate my skin. At the suggestion of a work colleague, I tried this product and it is truly wonderful!! It's regularly 3.99 a bottle (and well worth it!) but when it goes on sale for 99 cents, I stock up!! One bottle lasts me at least 8 months! I stock up because I'm always giving away bottles for friends & family to try! My grandmother swears by Avon Bubble Bath... and not just for the bath! Apparently it's amazing for getting grease stains out of clothes, perfect for washing down cupboards, can be used to wash your car, and a lot of other uses! In fact, I just googled "other uses fo Avon Bubble Bath" and there is lots of reading material!!

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