Avogel Canada: Free Samples Of Herbamare!

This is harder than your average freebie, but luckily for you, I’ve done all the legwork and you just have to read my advice below. You can get a free sample of Herbamare by mail if you do this.

There are 12 images shown on the Avogel website, which you must click and drag into a certain order. I’ll try to explain the order you should put the piccies in:

  1. The grassy one
  2. The pic with the tractor
  3. The man working with the greens
  4. The one that looks like a blue/grey tent
  5. The chopping of the veggies (looks like leeks)
  6. The mushed up green stuff
  7. The rows of blue stuff
  8. The 2 men in green shirts
  9. The white powder stuff
  10. The pills on the processing line
  11. The boxes of completed pills
  12. The finished product, sitting with the wine glasses

The final word should spell out PHYTOTHERAPY. I’ll post this screenshot to make it easier for you too:


Then just fill in your details to get your free samples of Herbamare from Avogel.


  • Cristin
    Bless you and all your hard work! Thank you very much.
  • Anna
    Very welcome cristin! :)
  • Sunny
    Thanks for the screenshot, Anna - it made it really easy! :)
  • Anna
    Great! Took me about 10 minutes to figure it out, so at least it saved you that :)
  • Fay.H
    Thanks for sharing!
  • wench
    that was kind of fun - but you deserve the credit! My husband is a salt freak and maybe this will be a better alternate for him :)
  • Lisa
    Just received my free sample. Can't wait to try it tonight!
  • JoyJoy
    I tried this link but can't seem to find where to look for the sample of the Herbamare. I did find a link there for a sample of their arthritis gel.
  • Anna
    Seems to be expired now JoyJoy :)

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