1001fragrance Canada: Up To 80% Off Perfume

I'm still on the hunt for a great new perfume! That is what I want for Valentine's Day. I found this great website called 1001fragrance Canada with a huge selection of perfume and discounts up to 80% off!

So I invaded the sale section and found a perfume I totally love the name of! Halloween Kiss Sexy by Jesus Del Pozo is on sale for $44 (orig. $80) for 100ml. I love the name - it sounds so cool! The bottle is also really nice. There are other really great deals on perfume so check these out:

There are plenty of perfumes for men and for women at great sale prices.You can often get them in different sizes like 50 ml, 60 ml, 75 ml, or 100 ml depending on the brand. There is also the option to buy a tester. That just means that your product will come without it's original box. For this reason the tester option is cheaper.

Get free shipping for orders over $89. Below that shipping starts at $6.95 and depends on which province/territory you are in.

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