Windows 7 OS For Only $39.99 From Microsoft!


If anyone has heard all the hype about Microsoft's new operating system Windows 7, you might be interested in buying it. They're got a special price for it all over the world, and it is priced at $39.99 for Canadian students.

So if you have a legitimate university or college email address, you can try and take advantage of this offer. Even if you don't, perhaps you know a friend or family member who could purchase this for you?

I don't know much about Windows 7, I think I'm going to stick to Vista for a little while longer. Hell, I've still got Windows XP on my laptop!

I'm not actually a student so I cannot test out this deal in full, but please let me know how you get on in the comments below.


  • Chris
    Tried my school email and it works, but its for office 7, not windows7. Still not a bad deal though.
  • Anna
    Nope CHris, definitely WIndows 7, as has been reported on many other forums.
  • Lisa H.
    The instructions still say it's for Microsoft Office.
  • Anna
    Have a look here: Click Additional products at top left
  • Anna
    Or you can try here:
  • Harmony
    It definitely works for Windows 7 OS at this address: My co-worker just got it... It's a d/l of the upgrade from XP not sure for Vista. And I will tell you it is an awesome OS!! They took XP and made it better and doesn't hog you system for memory like Vista....
  • Chris
    Harmony thanks for that link, that one works for the operating system! This will be the first version of windows I have ever paid money for, such a good deal!
  • Feng
    Hi guys: This deal is mainly for Office 2007, but after you registered and click the link sent in the email, you'll find a link for windows 7 as "other products". click on it and you can order the windows 7 professional for $39.99 (I wouldn't order that installation disc)

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