WagJag: Agama AIBOT Robot Vacuum for $229 & Free Shipping (36% off)

The robots are all coming to enslave us sooner or later. I think we can all agree on that. However, before they turn on us, WagJag is allowing us to turn the tables by facilitating the enslavement of robots so we can make them do a bunch of our menial tasks! Huzzah!

The AIBOT RC530A is normally $356. With this WagJag you save $127 and get it for only $229. I did some looking around for price comparisons to the Roomba, which is the king of the Robot Vacuum world. It looks like this deal on the Agama AIBOT beats almost every Roomba model on Amazon.ca by a fair margin. There is one Roomba that is close to this price but it's a few years old. This AIBOT is brand new.

The product itself isn't overly advanced but it does the job. It does have cliff and bumper protection and it will return to its base on its own to charge itself. It has an IR remote if it gets stuck and you need to move it manually. It has four modes: ZigZag, random, along the wall and random. It will go for about an hour on one charge and takes eight hours to charge back up. You get a 180-day warranty with the product and WagJag ships it to you for free.

Get your slave robot now while you still can!

(Expires: 18th September 2012, 11:59PM ET)

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