Viewsonic gTablet Only $299.97 @


Spotted this interesting deal in one of the latest email newsletters from They are offering the Viewsonic 10.1" gTablet for only $299.97.

This graph on Canadapost's comparison shopper shows that this device has been steadily decreasing in price for the past few months, and this is the lowest I have seen it.

Brief spec:

  • 10.1" screen
  • Android OS (2.2)
  • Wi-fi / Bluetooth
  • 16GB memory
  • 1080p & HDMI

I've been quite interested in tablets lately, and I have been following their rise in the marketplace. I got myself an iPad a while back, and I am eagerly awaiting the iPad 2 now. I know there are quite a few models to choose from, with more appearing on the marketplace every day. If you think you fancy a tablet yourself, I would get online and do a bit of research. For example, here's a review of this Viewsonic gTablet, which goes in to a lot of details about all the features.

While my iPad is pretty amazing, it has a few drawbacks, such as not being able to play flash videos, no USB port, and all the proprietary Apple stuff. I'm looking forward to getting the iPad 2 with HDMI out, meaning I can hook it up and play videos through my plasma TV.

What do you think?

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