Toshiba 8" Digital Picture Frame For $69.99 @ The Source Canada


Right now, you can buy a nice little 8" Toshiba digital photo frame (DMF82XWU) for only $69.99 from The Source Canada.

The Toshiba 8" frame is normally $99.99, and has been reduced to $69.99 in the run up to Christmas.

You don't have to pay shipping charges if you don't want to, as you can order this online and collect at your local store for free. If you'd like to get it shipped to your home, it's only an extra $4.99 anyway.

There are some customer reviews of this item on, if you want to have a read of some personal views.

I didn't realise that these frames had wi-fi capability. Some people in those reviews are talking about connecting it to an online photo account of theirs, and it streamed photos from that source. This sounds like an absolutely brilliant idea:

I set one up for my mother and now she gets live updates to our family photos from across the country!

The things you can do with technology!

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