TigerDirect Canada Rockin Refurbs: Up to 60% Off Laptops, Tablets & More!

TigerDirect Canada has a deal made up of nothing but refurbished awesome!

There are some really cool deals here and some that are really, really weird. I'll give you some of the cool ones and we'll talk about the weird ones later.

Lots of great deals here, and some good variety too. It seems as though a lot of these refurb sellers don't have a very robust stock so it's refreshing to be given options. Of course there are usually plenty of laptops, so that isn't surprising, but they have two GPS units, three tablets and two routers. I love the choices!

On to the weird stuff. They have, for some reason, a Pentium 4 desktop for $80. I have no idea who they are aiming these at other than the people who need a cheap file server or something. Maybe people looking to make their own router. They also have a NetGear PowerLine adapter for $20. How random is that? I understand that someone somewhere might be looking for some old PowerLine 85Mbps networking gear, but how odd to put it on the front page of a sale? I'm sure someone is going to see this and be really excited it's there, but I bet that person will be the only one.

(Expires: Unknown)

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