TigerDirect Canada: Reduced Rate Shipping On Electronics – Only $1.99!

I don’t blog about that much techie stuff on this blog… there’s so many deals and I’m not that technically savvy. But this one I can cope with! Tiger Direct Canada are offering reduced rate shipping on all orders over $99. They’re charging only $1.99 – this is pretty cheap. It’s for a limited time, I really don’t know how long this will last.

I sometimes see quite good bargains on their website, I add it to my cart, I input my postal code, and the shipping totally kills the deal. However, $1.99 shipping I can live with! I just wish it would be cheap or free shipping all the time. That’s one reason I’m very partial to buying goodies from Dell Canada – they have free shipping on everything, all the time.

On TigerDirect.ca, it does say that your order has to be under 51lbs, so it might not apply to any huge massive widescreen TVs. However, if you’re going to make an order for some computer components, perhaps consider splitting it into 2 orders, to keep it under the weight limit.

P.S. Check out the daily deals on Tiger Direct – the banner is on the right of their home page. Some days, they have really good offers. Remember Dealguild offer you 2% cashback on all your purchases as well.

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