TigerDirect.ca: Window 8 Launch Event - Laptops, Desktops, Software and More!

So Windows 8 came out last yesterday and a lot of retailers, Tiger Direct Canada among them, are quite excited. They've decided to throw a party but instead of bringing food, they are bringing deals.

There are some free shipping deals as well as some product deals. I'll give you a few product deals and then I'll fill you in on the free shipping.

Many of these require coupon codes, make sure you enter them before you hit buy!

You don't generally see any major sales on Operating Systems. These are likely as much of a discount as you will see for quite a while. They also have sales on Windows 7 if you aren't into the Windows 8 thing. In it's current iterations. Windows 8 holds no appeal for me personally but there are certainly many people and use cases who are going to want to jump on ir. One more thing to note is that this is OEM software. This is meant to be sold to someone who is building a computer. An Original Equipment Manufacturer, as it were. This means you cannot use it to upgrade, you cannot get the free phone support Microsoft offers with their retail versions and the packaging is very minimal.

I mentioned laptops and desktops earlier. There aren't any huge sales on these items, per se, but they are all shipping for free and, from the look of things, they have a decent stock of them so there shouldn't be any delays.

(Expires: 28th October 2012)

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