TigerDirect.ca: September Black Friday Sale - up to 80% off Electronics and Computers

It isn't black Friday but it is a Friday so I guess that counts. Actually it's Saturday now, but that doesn't matter, it's Friday all weekend long at Tiger Direct Canada!

This is another mixed bag sale so here are a few good deals for you to feast your eyes upon:

There are a lot of good deals here and they have a good range of products that should appeal to everyone. If you are a PC builder, you can find something in this sale. If you can be bothered to build your own and just want to pick up a new computer, you can find it here. If you aren't even looking for a computer but you just need some gadgety goodness, you can find it here.

I think it's a good thing that companies put on these sales all the time but I don't get why they need a reason. I understand if it's a season. Christmas sale, back-to-school sale, easter sale. I get that. A September black Friday sale, though? They're just throwing words together now! The ones that really make me wonder are the signs in front of chain stores in the mall.  They have amazing ad campaign that consist of a navy blue piece of cardboard with short shorts all over it and emblazoned across it is the Magna Carta of advertising... "The Short Shorts Sale!" *sigh* It makes me wonder if they actually had a bunch of marketing execs sitting around a table for weeks trying to figure out how we can sell more one inch long skirts to six year olds this summer.

But you know what, all my complaining aside, if I wanted a smokin' hot deal on some smokin' hot short shorts this summer, I'd know where to go. So maybe I should just calm down and pretend that these companies don't try to advertise at me and instead they are all sending me formally written letters expounding upon the benefits of their stellar sales.

What do you think? Are you sick of phony reasons to have sales and ad campaigns that don't make any sense? Let me know in the comments. BargainMoose loves you!

(Expires: 30th August, 11:00 PM ET)

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