Tiger Direct: Seagate External Hard Drive 500GB only $39.97 + Shipping


One of TigerDirect's weekend deals is this:

To buy this direct from Seagate itself it costs $84.99 without tax or shipping. I stuck the above deal into my cart, added on shipping to Alberta and tax... my total was $50.05. Fifty bucks for a 500GB external hard drive from a brand as well known and reliable as Seagate is great.

There were no reviews on this yet, however, I was reading up on other brands like Hitachi where reviewers warned against going for cheap hard drives and suggested going for brands like iomega, Seagate and others. I personally have an iomega I am very pleased with. As my computer gets older I am even more attached to my external hard drive.


  • Lynne
    Just ordered 2; thanks!!
  • feoilseantoir
    Sold Out :(

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