Tiger Direct Canada: 72 Hour Electronics Deal Craze!

Over this weekend, TigerDirect Canada have a few noteworthy deals on certain electronics and computer items in their online store.

I’ll point out some of the items worth thinking about:

Benq 18.5” Widescreen LCD monitor (Search for G900HD) for only $129.99! A hundred and thirty bucks seems to be a really good price on this monitor. If you are only using an old 15” or 17” screen, this would be a nice upgrade. I’ve heard good things about the Benq brand, but I’ve never owned one. The warranty is 3 years, which is great.

TomTom One GPS Navigator (Search for RB-1S00.086) for only $129.99! This seems pretty cheap as it is a refurbished model, but it still comes with a 3 month warranty. It is pre-loaded with the US and Canada maps, so no need to go messing round downloading things, as it’s all on there already. It’s a touch screen, so I think that would be really handy to use in the car.

Polaroid 10MP Digital Camera (Search for CIA-01035F) for only $89.99! That’s mega-cheap for a great looking little 10MP digital camera!! This takes SD cards, which are really cheap anyway, so you can buy a few extra cards for when you go on vacation. If you look at the pics on the Tiger Direct website, you can see that the viewscreen on the back of the camera almost fills up the whole item – this is excellent. I like a big screen for reviewing your piccies on the trot. I need a new digital camera for an upcoming wedding in the summer, this might be just the ticket!

Acer Aspire One Netbook (Search for S445-89001) for only $299.99! This netbook is an excellent price as it’s a refurbished item. My partner has this computer and I have to tell you guys, it really is an excellent little piece of kit. He works in a university, and he carries all his work with him on this. It means when he moves from class to class, he doesn’t have to worry about the hardware provided in the room, he can just whip out his netbook, start a presentation, read his lecture notes, anything he likes! Uber-cool.

There are quite a few great bargains on there, have a browse!!

What do you think?

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