The Source Canada: Save up to 65% on Memory Cards & iPhone Skins

The Source Canada has a few good sales on right now.  They have ScanDisk Memory Cards with Adapters on sale for up to 65% off the regular prices.  They also have their iPhone skins on sale up to 50% off the regular price.

These might seem like just little items but it is all of those little items that add up to huge spending.  Getting items like this on sale will eventually add up equally to huge savings.

I like having more than 1 iPhone skin because I like to change it up sometimes.  They have iPhone skins that are regularly $19.99 and are on sale for just $9.99.  I also like having multiple memory cards on hand.  This ScanDisk 16GB Memory card with adapter is n sale for just $19.99 (regular price is $59.99). These memory cards have come in handy for me before going on vacation and taking way too many pictures.  I always try to keep an extra on hand so that I will never run out of memory for my camera.  Although these items are on sale until 29th February  but they tend to run out quickly.

(Expiry: 29th February 2012)

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