The Source Canada: Save $310 - HTC Flyer Tablet Now $189.99

The Source Canada is having a sale on their display model tablets. these tablets are selling out so quickly! The other two models seen in the banner above are already gone, however, the HTC Flyer Tablet is still in stock - for now! Originally $499.99, get the display model HTC Flyer Tablet for only $189.99! You save $310!

The Source has this slight issue with deep-linking, so you will need to copy and paste into the search box "1716104" which will take you directly to the product. Simple!

As per usual, demo models come with a full warranty.

It actually has a lot of great ratings on The Source from people picking the tablet up at this sale price. This following review is a bit long but worth a read.

Despite only having a single-core CPU as opposed to the standard dual-core, this tablet is very fast and has excellent overall performance. It lacks certain features such as a micro HDMI output, but for fans of HTC Sense, and those looking for a 7-inch tablet, as opposed to a 10-inch which can be awkward to hold, the Flyer is an excellent choice. Those who find touch screens to be awkward to use dirt magnets will rejoice in the digital pen accessory, which provides both accuracy and a cleaner screen, and paired with the tablet's built-in software, is great for writing. The upgrade to Android 3.2.1 improved this tablet even further. The only other thing one could hope for is an upgrade to Android 4.0.3 and the latest version of HTC Sense. The tablet wasn't really worth its previous $500 price tag, but is definitely worth every penny of the current sale price.

This is a pretty great deal. Get it shipped to your local store for free, or pay a mere $5 to get it shipped directly to you.

Expiry: 15th January 2013 or when it sells out.

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